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Chapter 12

“Skeet do you know what time it is?  You’ve got to meet with…”  Brian not only tripped over his words he tripped over his own feet and went crashing head first onto the foot of the bed.  He had walked into Skeet’s bedroom to get him up for his meeting with Dave about the new album, but had not expected to find Chapin sharing his bed, her naked breasts not quite covered by the sheets. Chapin shot up with a scream and Skeet tumbled out of bed. “Oh.. uh… sorry”, Brian said scrambling to his feet while simultaneously covering his eyes.  “I…uh…didn’t see any…uh…I mean….I…um…didn’t know…”

Chapin pulled the sheet up and covered herself as Brian turned his back.  “Skeet, you um…got that meeting with Dave in about an hour.  I thought you were already up or….anyway…oh and don’t forget the poker game tonight.  The guys are really looking forward to it.”

Skeet shook the cobwebs from his head.  His mind was filled with Chapin and the passionate night they had just shared.  As his head cleared, he remembered the meeting he had scheduled with Dave and his remarks about the phenomenal guitar playing.  Had it not been for Chapin, he would probably have obsessed about the comment until the meeting today.  The more he had thought about it, he had decided he must have just misread the comment.  Maybe Dave was just kissing his ass a bit and picked out one thing to do it with.  He had experienced this before, but it always freaked him out a bit when it happened.

“Ok…well…let me know when you’re ready.  Umm….I’ll be in the living room.” Brian said.  He exited the room as quickly as possible, still partially covering his eyes and closing the door behind him.

“Well THAT was embarrassing,” said Chapin as she reached for her bra.

“Oh don’t worry about Brian.  He’ll get over it.”  He reached over and took her arm and kissed her.  She slowed her pace and returned the kiss, but then gently pushed him away.

“We better get going.  You’ve got a meeting and a poker game and I’ve got to get caught up on work before Monday.”  She put on the bra and panties, pulled on her shirt and jeans.  She was almost done before Skeet was even out of bed.

“I guess you’re right.  But after the meeting, I can cancel the game and we can…”

“No, no!  You have your game.  The guys are counting on you.  I’ve really got to get caught up on some work, plus try to explain to my parents about psycho Jack,” she said.

Skeet paused and looked down.  He had really wanted to see her again that night, but he didn’t want to push too hard or move to fast.  His thoughts began to run wild.  Did she just use him as a one night stand or was it really something more?  He pulled on a pair of jeans and sat on the edge of the bed.

“Can I ask you something?” he said.

“Sure!  Anything you want,” she said as she began putting her ear rings back in.

“This wasn’t just a….ummm…fling or something was it?  I mean…”

She turned and looked at him hard.  She looked almost hurt.

“I mean…I’m not sayin’ that you…but…” he said.  She continued to stare at him.

“What I’m trying to say is that I don’t want it to be just a fling. “  The words began to magically appear.  “I know we’ve just known each other for a short time and that this is unusual, but I really don’t want this to just be…” he lost the courage and tapered off.  Skeet was used to putting himself on the line with music, but the one on one relationship thing was something he had never really mastered.

She sat down beside him and took his hand.  “I would never have come here if I didn’t think this was something special.  I can’t explain it.  I have never felt this way about anyone, especially this fast.  I can’t say where it will lead.  Neither of us can.  But I know that I don’t want it to end here.  Not by a long shot.”

He looked up and smiled and kissed her again.

“C’mon Skeet.  We gotta go!  It’s a 45 minute drive!” Brian’s voice echoed through the door.

“Call him and tell him we are gonna run a little late.  We have to drop Chapin off at her place on the way,” he hollered back.  “I gotta grab a quick shower and then I’ll be ready.”

“I’ll call him, but don’t take too long, k?” Brian boomed through the door.

“You got it, B.”

“You don’t have to do that.  I can call a cab.  It’s no big deal.” Chapin said.

“Not on your life.  How would it look having to tell the grandkids that I made grandma get a cab after we did it on our first date?” A smile almost swallowed his face.

She threw his shirt at him and laughed.  “Hopefully we won’t be telling the grandkids about the ‘doing it’ part, grandpa!”

He caught the shirt, grabbed a towel and then turned back around.  “You’ll be here when I get out, right?” he said, fishing for reassurance.

“Baby, I’m not going anywhere.  Now go get your shower!”

He turned and took a couple of steps and turned back.  He sported a very mischievous smile.  “Care to join me?”

“Yea, I would.  But you would NEVER make your meeting on time then.  And I’m not ready to start settling for quickies yet.”


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