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This isn’t the standard Novel News From The Field.  Today I decided to break from the Utterli quick posts and do a proper podcast.  I wanted to share a little more than normal on this one.  First, I take you through some of the main characters These include:

  • Skeet Seaton
  • Chapin Hannigan
  • Brian Shaw
  • Pat Torpey (Yes, the drummer from Mr. Big)
  • Shawn Thorpe (Yup, Shawno Gordo from Hypernonsense and Shawnogram)
  • Other assorted people from the music industry that show up

I also read a scene from the book to give everyone a little taste of what’s happening.  In the scene, we meet Shawno for the first time.

If you’d prefer to read it in the PDF format, here ya go.


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Shawno from Hypernonsense and Shawnogram – OMG! Greatest podcast recorded EVER!!

Posted By: Lans
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  1. Shawno says:

    This RULES!!!!!!!!!!

    I can’t think of a real radio station that fits this criteria. The only “pop” station I can think of is WTMX, and their morning show would certainly NOT be hosted by Shawno Gordo. And considering the scrutiny given to Chicago’s media, I’d recommend just making up a station. It’ll work better for the story.

    And I’ve got nothing against the Pistols. But i think maybe a Black Sabbath T-shirt is better suited to me. Granted, the guy in the story isn’t actually “me” (duh!) but that’s just how I feel. At the end of the day, it’s your story, so go with what you think is best. Also, can we play this on an upcoming Hyper Nonsense? We’ll link back here, proper credit, all that.

  2. wlhobart says:

    The change to Black Sabbath is not a problem at all. I can make it now. I’ll make up some call letters then and just be careful not to make up call letters that are in use.

    You may absolutely use it. I need to figure out how to add Creative Commons licensing so anybody can use it without asking

  3. Erk says:


    I was driving my train today listening to this and I was laughing so hard I’m sure the passengers would have heard me! You’ll nailed Shawno so well! If you do a podcast version of this, you’ll have to get Shawno to do Shawno 😉

    I’d love to play a couple of relevant bits on my NaPodPoMo podcast Echo Romeo Kilo One One. I too am in a book for NaNoWriMo but I haven’t done much yet according to the author.

    Keep up the writing!

    Erk Pod & Echo Romeo Kilo One One
    Sydney, Australia


  4. wlhobart says:

    Thanx so much, Erk! I’m glad the bit got a chuckle!

    I had actually considered if I podcasted it with actors that I get Shawno to play himself. (If I begged and pleaded with him enough) He has actually been the most fun part of the book to write, so far.

    Feel free to use whatever parts you want on Erk Romeo Kilo One One.

    G’day! (Hope I did that right)

  5. Nathan Lott says:

    Loved the excerpt Lans. Very well written, engaging story from what you read. Hilarious hearing the character of Shawn.

  6. wlhobart says:

    Thanx Nathan!

    You know, Shawn was going to be a minor character, but he is popping up more and more as I write as a lot of the comedic relief. I have big plans for him.

  7. Erk says:

    You’ll need to think “what would Shawno do?” when writing now!

  8. wlhobart says:

    You’re right! That should be my new writing mantra! “WWSD”

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