04 Nov 2008 @ 4:08 AM 

If anyone out there knows how word processors count words, I would love to understand it a little better.  I have been writing the novel in MS Word 2007.  Tonight I thought I could hit 7,000 words and, according to the word count in MS Word, I did.  7019, to be exact…or as exact as the word count is.

Each day I copy the whole document into Google Docs basically as a backup, but also if I happen to be somewhere with an internet connection and I have a chance to bang a few paragraphs out, it’s right there for me.  At any rate, I looked at the word count in the Google Doc version, which I remind you I JUST copied and pasted from MS Word and it says there are 7115 words.

Now I understand where there could probably be slight differences in word count depending on exactly how it calculates, but 96 words?  That just seems kinda high. I can’t imagine what the difference in calculation is that would cause this.

Any insight, folks?

Posted By: Lans
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