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Chapter 15

Skeet’s phone began to sing once again.  This time, Joe Cocker emerged from the speaker.  “You can leave your hat on….You can leave your hat on…”  Skeet flipped open the phone.

“Hello?” he said.  He knew it was Chapin, but he didn’t want to seem too eager.

“Hiya, Frisky!” Chapin replied playfully.  “Sorry I missed you earlier.  I was in a staff meeting at work so the phone was off.  What’s up?”

“It’s been awhile since I talked to you so I wanted to catch up?  What’s going on with you?”  She detected in his voice that something wasn’t quite right.

“Just working and thinking how I’d rather be hanging out with you.  How are you?” she asked.

“No problems here.  I wanted to see if you wanted to go to dinner tonight.  Any place you wanna go.  Just name it.”  His voice still showed hints of trouble so she decided to try to lighten the mood.

“How about bed?  I’ll bring the whipped crème?” she said in the sexist tone she could produce.

“Don’t think I’m not tempted, but I meant a real dinner.”

“You’re turning down sleeping with me after one date?  Hmm…  What does that say?”  she said in her most flirtatious tone.

“Oh no!  no…not at all.  But I wanted to talk to you so I thought maybe, you know, we could go to dinner or something first?” he said.

She was beginning to get concerned.  They had had a wonderful day and subsequently night and they had talked about how this wasn’t meant to be just a one night stand.  But this was beginning to sound like a break up call.  But it was only one date.  If he didn’t want to see her anymore would he have even called at all?  “Sounds serious.  Are you ok?  Are WE ok?”

“We are definitely ok!  Wait.  Aren’t we?  I mean…I want us to be ok.”

“Hold on.  It sounds like we are both getting a little confused and panicked here.   So let’s both take a deep breath.  Now, what’s wrong?”

How did he explain this over the phone?  Should he just say that he thought he might be going out of his mind?  That would probably end this relationship rather quickly.  He decided not to even try.  “It’s hard to talk about over the phone.  I’ll talk to you about it tonight.  Pick you up at 7:00?” he said.

“6:30?  I’m anxious!” she said. She really wanted to relax him and what relaxes a man more than sex.  And if she can’t have sex with him right now, flirting would have to do.

“6:30 it is.  I’ll see you then,” he said and started to hang up the phone.  “Oh wait?,” he said, his tone still serious.  “Can I ask you something?”

“Anything you want,” she said.

“We haven’t seen in other in over 24 hours.  Did you miss me?” he said with a chuckle.

Her voice dropped in tone and became very serious and sexy.  Not the reaction he had expected.  “More than you know.”  She perked back up.  “Now I gotta go get ready.  I’ve got a date with this really hot guy.”

Chapin hung up the phone and thought for a minute.  “Wants to talk to me about something?  Hmmm…,” she pressed her finger to her lips and pondered aloud.  “Well, if it’s good, I want to look good.  If it’s bad, I need to look even better.”  She glanced around the room.  “I’ve got two hours.  I better get moving.”

She opened the closet door and gave the contents a long, hard look.   As she glanced at the clothes on the hangers, she noticed the blue bins, carefully stacked and labeled in either corner.  “Crap.  Why haven’t I gotten rid of those damn things.  They do make things neat, but if Skeet comes over here and sees them, what’s he gonna say.”  She knew he wouldn’t say anything, but he was sure to think something.  She decided that she would at least change them out with another color as soon as she could, but she just couldn’t worry about it now.

Her cell phone began to ring.  She glanced at the ID and discovered it was her parents calling.  She started to answer, but she knew her mom was going to talk her ear off, probably about Jack, and she really didn’t want to deal with it right now.  She let the call go to her voice mail.  She had tried to convince her parents on several occasions over the last two days that Jack in fact, wasn’t a part of her life, but they never seemed to get it.  They thought she was just trying to be secretive about her love life, which she had to admit, she had a habit of doing.

She began thumbing through the hangers.  “Ok, not to colorful, in case the talk is not good news, but sexy in case it is,” she thought.  “You know it was easier when I was just running around in jeans and a shirt.  Alright.  Confidence!  I am confident it’s good news and I’ll be in his arms later, soooo…,”  She pulled a dress out.  “Yes, a little black dress!  That’s the way to go.”

This wasn’t just any little black dress.  It was THE little black dress.  It was short and fit her like a glove.  If he wanted to break it off, this would at least make him think twice.  She hung the dress on a hook by her makeup table and looked around the room again.  “Ok..that’s dinner…now to pick out desert!”   She opened a drawer full of neatly folded underwear in a variety of colors, patterns and styles.  She thought she looked best in the white lace thong, but it just didn’t seem right to be in the short black dress with the white underwear on so she went with the black lace then turned her attention to the shoes.  Once that decision was made, she was set.   She ran a shower and grabbed a towel.

The shower was relaxing to her, the shower massage pulsating on her neck and back.  She stretched and arched, enjoying the heat and thinking of Skeet.  Was she rushing in too fast?  Her last relationship, Jack, had been a complete disaster and was still coming back to haunt her.  Hadn’t she learned anything from this?  She had only been with Skeet one day that wasn’t part of work, but everything just seemed to click so well.  He was nothing like Jack.  Jack had been controlling and deceptive from the time they met, although she wouldn’t find this out until a couple of months later.

With Jack, she had followed everyone’s advice.  She had taken it slow and careful and what had it gotten her?  She decided the next time she fell for someone she was going to make it completely different.  Instead of following a roadmap, she would follow her heart and see where it took her.  She felt so lucky that it had led her to Skeet.

“Skeet!?  Oh my God!” she exclaimed!  She turned off the shower, jumped out and grabbed her towel.  She ran out into the bedroom and looked at the clock on the wall.  “Fifteen minutes?  I’ve got fifteen minutes?  Oh God!”  She grabbed a second towel and tried to dry her hair and her body at the same time, almost tripping on the wet bathroom floor during the effort.

She wrapped the towel around her head and began to dry off as quickly as possible.  She was glad she had shaved that morning, because there wasn’t going to be time now.  As soon as she was more or less dry, she began to towel dry her hair.  She grabbed that panties, slid them on and sat down in front of her makeup mirror.  She really hoped that he was fashionably late, because this was going to be a race.

Her phone began to ring again and she really hoped it was Skeet saying he was running late.  Unfortunately, it was her mother again.  “I don’t have time for this!” she mumbled and let the call go to voice mail.  “I’ll deal with her tomorrow.”

She quickly got her hair done and did a quick makeup job.  She had wanted to make it all really special, but at this point, she was just hoping for presentable.  She slipped on the rest of her clothes and was heading for her shoes when the door bell rang.  She slipped on the heels, grabbed a bottle of perfume and applied some, then headed toward her living room.   She glanced back at the bedroom.  She was usually quite tidy, but the room looked like a cyclone had hit it.  She just hoped that if they ended up in bed together again tonight that it was his bed.

Skeet stood at the door waiting for Chapin to appear.  His mind flipped back and forth between the events of two nights before and the mystery surrounding the recordings.  He remembered sitting with Shawn in the studio listening and hoping he would hear the mystery sound on the master.  Then he remembered Chapin, naked in the same studio, the two of them making love.   The thoughts criss crossed back and forth so fast that, at one point, he scared himself by thinking he saw Shawn naked in the studio.  He shook his head to make the thought go away just as Chapin opened the door.

“I thought you’d never get here!” she exclaimed, thinking if he only knew how close he had come to her still being in the shower.

“Sorry.  I guess I’m running a little late,” he said in a confused fashion.  He was pretty sure he was on time, but wasn’t going to argue.

“Oh, you’re fine.  Come on in.  I’m almost ready.”  She swung the door aside and Skeet came in.  “Make yourself at home and I’ll be right out.”

“You look absolutely gorgeous!” he said.

“I think it’s the company I keep that does it,” she replied.  She went back in the bedroom and tried to use a minute or two just to tidy up a bit, just in case.  “So where are we going?” she asked.

“I said anywhere you want to go.  You mean you haven’t decided yet?  I thought you would have made the reservations,” he said.  In fact, he had already taken care of everything, but decided to have a little fun.

“Umm…you meant that?  I mean…I …. Uhhhh …” She wasn’t quite sure what to say.  There was no way they could get a reservation now.

“You mean you didn’t make a reservation?  Now what are we gonna do?”

Chapin touched up her hair and emerged from the bed room.  “Eat in?” she said with a grin.

He took her in his arms and gave her a quick kiss.  “As tempting as that is,” he said, glancing coyly at the ceiling.  “I’ve actually taken care of it.  You ready?”

She gave him a playful punch in the chest and pursed her lip.  “Let me grab my purse.”

“Just don’t let me see where you hide your keys?  You never know when I’ll be in the mood to clean and organize.”

“Not funny, Mr. Seaton!” she said as they left.

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