09 Aug 2009 @ 3:28 PM 

As some of you may recall, I took on and completed the challenge of National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) last November.  The jist of this is to write a minimum 50,000 word novel in a single 30 day period, in this case the month of November.  The result was ‘The Final Note’, my first, and so far only, novel (approx 55,000 words completed two days early!  yea me!)  Other than a few excerpts that have been posted here, preliminary bound copy that is out on loan right now and a writer friend who read the original for critique, it’s never seen the light of day since it was created.

Well, all that’s about to change!  I have decided to let the thing free in the wild, although chapter by chapter.  I’ve decided that each week, I’ll post a new chapter of the book here until all 25 chapters are posted and the entire novel is out.  Each week, a blog post will have this weeks chapter plus a link to a pdf version, if you would prefer to download and read off the grid.

I make no implications that this is the next ‘On The Road’ or anything.  Far from it.  This is a first attempt, by a first time novelist, who completed the entire task in 30 days and has done almost no editing whatsoever.  But if you’re interested to see what the product looks like, I’m gonna give it to ya.

For those of you who were not privy to the creation process in November, I’ll warn you now.  If I grew up with you, worked with you, played in a band with you, know you, heard of you, etc., your name very well may appear in this novel.  When you are scrambling to bang out 1700 words a day minimum, figuring out names is low priority, so you grab something that sounds cool and keep banging.  If a character has your name it has nothing to do with you other than I remembered your name and it worked..  Your name just happened to fit what I was looking for at the time.  That being said there are two exceptions.  Shawno and Jen from the Hypernonsense Podcast are in the novel and basically based on themselves.  They are completely aware of this and I asked them ahead of time, so it’s all cool.

That being said, the first chapter should appear on here either later today or tomorrow.  You can come here and read, download pdf , subscribe to the rss feed or get it delivered to your email box simply by using the widget on the right that says ‘Email Subscriptions’.  These will get it delivered right after I publish it.

So with that, stay tuned for Chapter 1 of  ‘The Final Note’!

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  1. Linwood Davis says:

    Yes! I want it! I’ll subscribe–at the proper time–hoping for email to bring it to me.

    I’m excited about this. Thanks for publishing it.


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