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My Upgrade to WordPress 2.5

Saturday, March 29th, 2008

WARNING: Screen captures are a little blurry in this post. Click on them to see the full size, clear version.

I love WordPress, the kick ass blogging software that powers this site and , home of the Enlighten Up Podcast. It’s one of the best products out there period and is best in class for what I use it for. This afternoon they released version 2.5, which is a major overhaul of the software. I always try to upgrade my WordPress blogs as soon as a new version comes out, so let me run down the experience for you. Ever since the inclusion of the WordPress Automatic Update plugin, I do my updates in a specific way. The plugin gives you two choices. You can either have it handle the whole process for you or you can have it do the work, but you acknowledge each step. It’s kind of a semi-auto way to do it. Since I have two sites, I start with and I do the step by step. This prompts you at each step and you are allowed to download entire backups of the site and the database as you go. Assuming this is successful (it always has been) I then do this site,, in full auto. I began by running the Autmatic Update Plugin in WordPress. It had backed up the site files and had me download them. Then it backed up the database and I downloaded that. It put the site into maintenance mode, no problem. It turned off the plugins, went and got the upgrade files, installed them them and updated the database. After this, I was presented with a login screen. “No problem”, I thought. “It installed a big upgrade. I probably just need to login again.” Once I logged in, I was presented with this:


Are You Sure

If you don’t want to look at it full size, it says “Are You Sure You Want To Do This?”, but there is nothing to click. No toggle, no button, nothing. I was a bit perplexed. I decided to click the Automatic Update tab and see what happened. This prompted me to start the whole thing over. “Hmm…I wonder if the site actually updated.” I took a look at it and it looked the same except there were a few things missing. It seemed to have to do with the plugins. A quick glance at the plugin tab confirmed that all the plugins were still off. I went through each and turned them on.

I looked at the site again and everything seemed OK. I was satisfied that, with the minor plugin problem that the update had gone fine. I then turned my attention to HobosLanding. My thought had always been that I check the step by step update first and if anything looked wrong or out of place, I wouldn’t mess everything up with the full auto. But, I decided to go ahead and try the full auto on this site anyway. When I clicked the Automatic Upgrade link to start the ball rolling, I was presented with a screen that told me that it had failed on step 3, the retrieval of the software. At this point, I decided it was better just to upgrade with semi auto and see if the problems before had been an anomaly. It seems they were not. I was presented with the exact same successes and failures as with the EU update, with one exception. When I tried to turn on the first plugin, the ‘404 Notifier’, I got a fatal error.
Plugin Activate
Since the new WordPress tells you when a plugin has an update, it appeared that I had the latest version and I have this same plugin running on and it had activated just fine. I decided that I would try reinstalling the plugin later. But WP 2.5 had a new feature that I wanted to test. It told you when there were updates for plugins and would supposedly install the new plugins automatically. I saw that the WP Automatic Updater was out of date.
Needs Update
I thought I had updated it just a week ago, but I really should have checked before I updated. At any rate, I clicked the ‘Upgrade Automatically’ link. This failed miserably. It was an unhandled code error:
Plugin Upgrade Fail
At this point I decided to step back and type up this post, giving myself a chance to look over the new features and see if anything obvious had failed. A more in depth review of the new features, etc. Will be forth coming.

Can WordPress be any easier?

Saturday, December 29th, 2007

Today, WordPress, the killer app that I run this blog as well as my other blogs on, came out with an update.? I decided to use this as an opportunity to put the autoupdate feature through it’s paces.? I have upgraded once since this feature came out, but I did it step by step.? I had talked to a few other bloggers who had trouble.? Since I had two blogs to update, I decided that I would upgrade one step by step and one completely automatically.

The step by step process was just as I had remembered it.? It started by backing up my files and database and prompting me to download them.? It then pulled over the new version of WordPress, turned off all the plugins that were on, updated the files, prompted for any database update, if required, turned the plugins back on and finally, cleaning up the mess.? It did this easily and flawlessly, step by step.

I then went to the other blog and chose the completely automatic upgrade. ? With one click of the mouse and a slight pause, we were through everything up to updating the database.? After I clicked a link to execute this process, that was pretty much it.? Done in less than a minute.? Flawless.

WordPress just keeps getting better and better!

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