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Syncing Multiple Google Calendars With The iPhone

Wednesday, May 11th, 2011

Like a lot of people, I’ve got several calendars tied into my Google Calendar (personal, work, holidays, birthdays, etc…).  I also sync my Google Calendar to my iPhone.  Since I had been syncing, it seemed that the Apple/Google tag team was only good for the top level calendar.  When I linked the two on the iPhone, this was all that showed up.  Since I really USE my iPhone, I grumbled and acquiesced and put almost everything on that top level calendar.  Today, I decided that the company’s were too big to have overlooked this and that it must be me, so I started looking.  It’s buried pretty deep in there, but, if you can find the page, it’s easy as pie.  Google!  Why do you have to bury this stuff!?

So here is the link to the page to selectively add all your calendars to the iPhone sync.



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