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Social Media Soiree’

Sunday, October 5th, 2008

Last night I spent a wonderful time at a joint get together of the San Antonio Social Media Club and the Austin Social Media Club.  The occasion was Chris Heuer and Kristi Wells were in town!  Who are Chris Heuer and Kristi Wells, you might ask?  They are the founders of the Social Media Club Phenomena.  It was a genuine pleasure meeting both of them.  I even cornered Chris and we talked Eastern Philosophy for a few minutes.  Poor guy.  Being trapped with me talking about Eastern Philosophy is a fate I wouldn’t wish on anyone I didn’t like, much less Chris.  But he took it like a champ and even clued me in to a couple of books I’m going to check out.

Before I get ahead of myself, you may have seen the ‘I am a member of Social Media Club – San Antonio’ badge with my ugly mug on it in the sidebar and I have been talking quite a bit about Social Media Club, but maybe I should tell you exactly what Social Media Club is.  The official definition is

“Social Media Club is being organized for the purpose of sharing best practices, establishing ethics and standards, and for promoting media literacy. This is the beginning of a global conversation about building an organization and a community where the many diverse groups of people who care about social media can come together to discover, connect, share and learn.”

For a much larger definition and history of Social Media Club, click here, but to me, what we are talking about is figuring out the best ways to use the tool of social media to accomplish our goals, be they business/financial, creative, non-profit or just plain pimpin’ your podcast.  How do you do it?  How do you do it well?  And finally how do you do it without driving the world nuts?  But back to the festivities.

The Social Media Meetup Gang at Tres Hermanas

Also in attendance was the founders and fearless leaders of Social Media San Antonio:  Jennifer Navarrete  (aka epodcaster on Twitter) and Luis Sandoval (aka Pandaran on Twitter).  They have really taken the Social Media thing by the horns and lit a fire under it, just like they did for Bar Camp San Antonio, which was also a huge success.

Leslie, Me, Shelly, Jennifer and Bryan

The grand gathering took place between San Antonio and Austin in the town of San Marcos.  We met at a restaurant called ‘Tres Hermanas’ and I must say the food and the service were both excellent.  I had a 3 enchilada plate with a Tequila Cream Sauce.  Everyone knows that I am a sucker for cooking with tequila and this one hit the ball out of the park.  Simply delicious!

I had the chance to speak local writer/author/PR Guru Alan Weinkrantz again.  We have run into each other at several of these events and it’s always great to see him.  He tells me that he is currently planning an article on Social Media for a November column.  I will definitely keep an eye out for it.

Allan Wienkrantz and Chris Heuer

I spent much of the evening with John Navarrete, Jennifer’s husband.  I’ve known John for quite a while now and we both love to play music.  We have vowed to get together again and jam.  Hmmmm….Alan Weinkrantz is quite the guitar nut himself.  Maybe we should invite him along?  At any rate, I spent much of the evening with John and  Luis and Luis’s friend Juan (I hope I remembered his name right.  If not, someone please correct me) severely clowning around!  Apparently we are all quite proficient at it so why not go with our strong points, right?

Me and Juan -vs- Luis and John

As we left, we congregated outside the restaurant and we all took pictures of Chris Heuer riding a donkey statue while mumbling something about Tijuana.  I’m sure they are going to show up on the net somewhere.  Stay tuned for details.  I had a chance to talk to my friend Leslie from (Springanew on twitter).  Leslie is the Queen of live talk shows around here.  She does them on Talkshoe, with live call ins, chat room and everything.  I don’t think I could handle it. You should definitely check her out.

I had hoped to see Michael DeLeon(mdeleon on twitter) from ‘The Spurscast’and Chris Doelle, ‘The Hardest Working Man In Podcasting’ from The Lonestar Gridiron, Riding With The Window Down, and I am sure several other productions that I am forgetting.  Unfortunately, even though they live in San Marcos, they were both in San Antonio for the evening and couldn’t make it.  They were definitely missed though.

Me and my partner in crime, Jennifer Navarrete

The one drawback to the evening, albeit minor, was GoogleMaps.  The directions to the place were COMPLETELY off.  Luckily we all managed to find it eventually, through luck, phone calls and some good old fashioned reasoning.

Every one of these Social Media Club gatherings I have gone to has been both useful and incredibly fun.  If you’re in the SA area, come join us!  We’d love to have you!  Check out the ning group of meeting details etc…

If you’re closer to Austin check out their Social Media Club site.  And if you aren’t anywhere near either place, check here to see if there is a Social Media Club near you and if not, how to start one!  And remember:


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