Miksang – Space Assignment

Miksang - Space-3

Space 1

Miksang - Space-6

Space 2

Miksang - Space-5

Space 3

Miksang - Space-4

Space 4

Miksang - Space-2

Space 5


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2 Responses to “Miksang – Space Assignment”

  1. Nathan Lott Says:

    I’m confused, what’s the Miksang definition of space?

  2. Lans Says:

    This is the hardest one for me to wrap my brain around. When I was shooting, I thought the concept was the lack of an anchor in the picture. But it also has to do with the accentuation of the surface without accentuating the texture of the surface. Based on that, I think most of these fail as true examples of space. But, I threw them up there anyway. I think I did better on the ‘Dot In Space’ assignment that came after this one. I should be posting it soon.

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