Irked by a twitter ‘service’

This twitter post popped up in my feed this morning:

monkeybutler02: @sarahjohn64 I’ve been told by @followermonitor that @wvclassical @CanadianOpera @Enlighten_Up @naiveclassicsuk stopped following you

Since I haven’t stopped following anyone in quite awhile, I was quite irritated.  I really don’t have a problem if someone knows I unfollowed them, but I don’t like people thinking I somehow dissed them when I didn’t.  I have double checked and not only did I NOT unfollow anyone, I am STILL following @sarajohn64.

I’m just sayin’, I wouldn’t trust @followmonitor.  We now return you to your regularly scheduled social media programming.  That is all.

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One Response to “Irked by a twitter ‘service’”

  1. Shawno Says:

    I’ve seen that come up, too. But it happened to me when I actually did unfollow someone.

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