The Riverwalk Expansion Tour – Part 1

Last night I had the pleasure of getting an early tour of the new Riverwalk expansion project.  As of this morning,  I have only had time to edit a few photos, but there will be even more forthcoming.

We started the tour with out tourguide, Steve Shower at the Brooklyn Ave Bridge.  While we only walked about a mile, the new expansion project covers 1.33 miles and stretches from Lexington Ave to Josephine.

Brooklyn Ave Sign

At Brooklyn, is the lock and dam where the barges can change heights. They also had a really cool pavillion. The floor of the pavillion has a great mosaic of a compass which they removed the cardboard from for just a sec. Unfortunately, by the time I got in position and could see through the crowd, they had recovered it. Consequently, since I couldn’t shoot down at the mosiac, I looked up and took this through the roof.
Up through the roof

Each underpass on the walk had a different art project. This one has glow in the dark paint in the ceiling, along with mirrors (The mirrors are where the orange is.
Glow in the dark

I’m not sure the red life saver was part of the exhibit, but it kinda fit in.

Next, we passed the Sam Houston VFW post where we were greeted with bottle clinking by all.
VFW Green Table


VFW Folks

Close to the VFW post, was this neat little pond right in the middle of the Riverwalk.
Center Pond

That’s all I have for now, but I will be editing and posting some more tonight. Stay tuned!

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  1. Shawno Says:

    Cool pond!

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