I’m disappointed in Revision 3

Ever since I discovered Revision 3, I have been a fan.  I thought the content was great, and they would take some chances that I thought worked most of the time.  Of course the flagship was Diggnation, but there were tons of great shows.  And they had some of my favorite folks from TechTV before it went to crap.  Sara Lane, Martin Sargent, Kevin Rose, Alex Albrecht, Patrick Norton and Bert Monroy . I had also been somewhat of a fan of the work Jim Louderback had done in the industry and was pleased when he signed on.

Today however, is a different story, and let me be clear.  My problem is not with the fact that Revision 3 canceled some of my favorite web programming.  (Well, I am actually, but that’s not my point here.)  It’s the entertainment industry.  Programming changes.  Programs come and programs go.  But they got rid of some of most talented people in the industry.  I think THAT’S a huge mistake.  Even worse?  It appears that this was done in a somewhat heartless, no notice way.

Sara Lane was on This Week In Tech with Leo Laporte this weekend and while there was discussion of layoffs at Mahalo, which Jason Calacanis freely explained, Sara had no idea that there would be a problem at Revision 3 or that any layoffs were in the works.

This brings us to today.  According to twitter posts and blog entries from Sara, Martin Sargent and various other people who were let go at Rev 3, they cleaned out their desks this morning and were sent packing.  So think about it.  No two week notice.  No nothing.  “Your show is canceled.  Get your shit and get outta here.”  Sorry, but this just isn’t right.

So from here on out, I am pretty much done with Rev 3.  I’m not “encouraging” others to stop watching stuff on Rev 3, but this is part of what social media is all about.  When I see a product with what I feel is a serious problem, I have to voice my opinion and for me, I don’t want to help support and organization that would treat it’s employees this way.  Period.

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  1. Shawno Says:

    The only Rev3 show I ever subscribed to was “Infected,” and that’s been gone for awhile.

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