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Photo Stroll

Tuesday, September 28th, 2010

Went on a little stroll with the camera today….

Split Screen

Split Screen



Tiled in Blue

Tiled in Blue

Look Up. Look Down. Look All Around.

Saturday, March 20th, 2010

I’ve learned over the years that photo opportunities aren’t always directly in front of you, hence the title of this post.  Here are some more shots from the San Antonio Riverwalk expansion that require that you look up, down or around, to find.

Concrete Ripple

Concrete Ripple

The Great Escape

The Great Escape



Gone Fishing

Gone Fishing

Anchor Point - Miksang - Dot In Space - 19 March 2010

Anchor Point

Stairs in the Sky

Stairs In The Sky

Night Time Photowalk On The Riverwalk

Wednesday, December 23rd, 2009

Pearl Brewery - Photowalk December 21, 2009

Pearl Brewery

Photowalk December 21, 2009



Yellow Stars On Green Wall - Photowalk December 21, 2009

Star Projection

Photowalk December 21, 2009

Color Wall On Water

Reflection in Green - Photowalk December 21, 2009

Green Reflection

Reflective Walk - Photowalk December 21, 2009

Relective Walk

Reflected School - Photowalk December 21, 2009

Reflective Fish

Photowalk December 21, 2009

The Fish

Sepia Stairs - 198/365 - Photowalk December 21, 2009

Sepia Staircase

Photowalk December 21, 2009

Yellow Stars

Photowalk December 21, 2009

Tree In Blue Light

Photowalk December 21, 2009

Grate In Blue

The Water Electric - Photowalk December 21, 2009

Electric Water

Tree Over Waterfall - Photowalk December 21, 2009

Reflective Waterfall

Photowalk December 21, 2009

Dot In Space

Photowalk December 21, 2009


The hat revisited

Saturday, November 7th, 2009

I really was digging the hat from the last post, so I decided to take some more shots of it.  A couple are definitely candidates for pattern – miksang (except for the fact that I set it up).

The hat revisited - 152/365 - 7 November 2009

The Hat Revisited

The hat revisited

A little closer

The hat revisited

Even closer

The hat revisited

Really close


Light and Shadow

Saturday, October 24th, 2009

Some shots I took emphasizing light and shadows:

Light and Shadow

Light and Shadow in Red

Light and Shadow-2

Light and Shadow Bent On Wood

Light and Shadow-3

Light and Shadow Curved On Curtain


Miksang – Dot In Space Assignment

Monday, October 19th, 2009
Miksang - Dot In Space-11

Dot In Space 1

Miksang - Dot In Space-10

Dot In Space 2

Miksang - Dot In Space-8

Dot In Space 3

Miksang - Dot In Space-6

Dot In Space 4

Miksang - Dot In Space-5

Dot In Space 5

Miksang - Dot In Space-3

Dot In Space 6


Miksang - Dot In Space-2

Dot In Space 7

Miksang - Dot In Space-1

Dot In Space 8


Miksang – Space Assignment

Monday, October 19th, 2009
Miksang - Space-3

Space 1

Miksang - Space-6

Space 2

Miksang - Space-5

Space 3

Miksang - Space-4

Space 4

Miksang - Space-2

Space 5


Miksang – Light and Shadow Assignment

Monday, October 19th, 2009
Miksang - Light and Shadow-8

Light and Shadow 1

Miksang - Light and Shadow-7

Light and Shadow 2

Miksang - Light and Shadow-6

Light and Shadow 3

Miksang - Light and Shadow-5

Light and Shadow 4

Miksang - Light and Shadow-4

Light and Shadow 5

Miksang - Light and Shadow-3

Light and Shadow 6

Miksang - Light and Shadow-2

Light and Shadow 7


Miksang – Pattern and Texture Assignment

Sunday, October 18th, 2009
Miksang-  Pattern-14

Pattern 1

Miksang-  Pattern-16

Pattern 2

Miksang-  Pattern-2

Pattern 3

Miksang-  Pattern-3

Pattern 4

Miksang-  Pattern-8

Pattern 5

Miksang-  Pattern-9

Pattern 6

Miksang-  Pattern-11

Pattern 7

Miksang-  Pattern-15

Pattern 8

Miksang-  Pattern-17

Pattern 9

Miksang-  Pattern-21

Pattern 10


Miksang – Color Assignment

Saturday, October 17th, 2009

I’m taking a class the weekend in Miksang contemplative photography.  We divide up shooting exercise based on 5 different areas:

  • Color
  • Pattern/Texture
  • Light and Shadow
  • Space
  • Dot In Space

Here are some of my shots from the color assignment.

Miksang Color - Oct 09-1

Miksang Color - Oct 09-2

Miksang Color - Oct 09-3

Miksang Color - Oct 09-4

Miksang Color - Oct 09-5

Miksang Color - Oct 09-6

Miksang Color - Oct 09-7

Miksang Color - Oct 09-8

Miksang Color - Oct 09-9

Miksang Color - Oct 09-10

Miksang Color - 131/365 - 17 Oct 2009

Miksang Color - Oct 09-12

Miksang Color - Oct 09-13

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